Aubretia Pixie Pearls

Aubretia hybridaLatin name

Rock CressCommon name

There's always been a white Aubrieta but not from seed. Finally it’s here! Uniform, pristine white large flowers are suitable for walls, rockeries and pots. Very undemanding and easy to cultivate. 4-6”. HP.

How to Grow Aubrieta from Seed

Aubrieta are an old favourite, pretty perennial alpine plants, great in the rockery, as ground cover or for edging a path.

Aubrieta seeds can be sown from February to June or from September to October for flowering throughout the following summer.

Surface sow the seeds on to a moist, free draining seed compost. Aubrieta seeds need light to germinate, so cover the seed very lightly with a small amount of vermiculite and seal in a polythene bag or propagator to retain moisture.

Germination usually takes 14 to 21 days at 18 to 20°C ot 65 to 68°F.

Remove the polythene bag once the first seedlings appear.

Once the seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into individual 3 inch pots to grow on. Once established, plant out, spaced 30cm or 12 inches apart into well drained soil in a sunny position.


Item Code: 1163

Variety: Pixie Pearls

Type: Hardy Perennial

Packet Contains: 30 Seeds

Sow: January - December

Germination: Up to 21 days

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