Germination Guides

Please refer to your seed packet to identify which Germination Guide applies to your seeds. Germination instructions are also printed on the back of each seed packet.

Vegetable Instructions

These instructions are the bare minimum required to grow very substantial crops. You may have your own method which we would not attempt to change. Either way the seed is fresh and of the best germinating quality.

A:  Sow under glass in 3-4 inch pots at 65-75F using a propagator if possible. Transplant into individual 3 inch pots when seedlings have 2 true leaves. At the 6-8 leaf stage transfer into 10 inch pots or Gro Bags keeping frost free at all times.

B:  Sow under glass in 3-4 inch pots at 75-80F using a propagator if possible. Transplant into individual 3 inch pots at the 4-6 leaf stage and finally into large pots or Gro Bags. Keep frost free at all times. (Remember peppers can take up to 1 month to germinate.)

C:  Sow into individual 3-4 inch pots at 65-75F. Transplant into the garden when the last frost has passed. (Not before mid May). Keep watered.

D:  Sow outdoors in the Spring thinning to 2-3 inches apart for root crops and 4-6 inches apart for beans but transplant 15-16 inches apart fro Brassicas.

E:  Sow the seed on its side in individual 3 inch pots using a propagator at 75F. Keep frost free at all times and provide high humidity for cucumbers if possible. Transplant into 10 inch pots or Gro Bags either in a greenhouse or tunnel when the last frost has positively passed.

Flower Instructions

Many plants, particularly the perennials suffer from a natural reluctance to germinate until the ideal time and / or conditions prevail. Often we have to treat them artificially to induce life. The following instructions are suggestions and although not a guarantee are nevertheless a useful way of speeding germination. All our packets have a code letter corresponding to the following sowing instructions and it would be best to try this germiniating advice first.

A:  No problems exist. Sow at 70-75F but protect from frost when planting out.

B:  Germination is erratic and sowing should be at 40-45F for 3 weeks and then move to a propagator at 80F for a further 3 weeks.

C:  Sow at 70F and keep moist for 2 to 4 weeks, thereafter drop the temperature to 38-45F for a further 2-4 weeks, usually best by placing outdoors in a cold frame.

D:  Sow seeds at normal temperature of 70F after 1 week in the fridge. Be sure to cover the seed and grow cooler after emergence of seedlings.

E:  Quite quickly germinating but keep seeds moist and covered with a quarter of an inch of soil at 70 to 75F. Grow cooler on emergence.

F:  Surface sow the seed with a pinch of white sand for even sowing and press in. Water seed tray by immersion from bottom upwards.

G:  Sow at 65F and cover the seeds keeping constantly moist.

H:  Sow at 70 to 75F which should prove satisfactory but if no emergence, drop temperature to 60F or even put in a cold frame for 2 to 3 weeks.

J:  Sow at 75 to 80F with high humidity for 6 to 8 weeks. (Cover with poly bag or sheet) Then place into cold frame for 6 to 8 weeks. Do not shorten cold or warm periods, it will upset the natural germinating mechanism.

K:  Nick or chip seed on the opposite side to the eye. Germinate at 75-80F and then drop temperature to 65-70F.

L:  Rub between two sheets of glass paper or scarify (scratch the seed coat) by shaking i a jar of very coarse sand. Sow at 70 to 75F but germination can be erratic and up to 6 weeks.

M:  Sow directly into pan or pot and press into the soil. Water and stand in a cool place keeping just moist. Probably best sown in Autumn and again in the Spring.

N:  Sow on the surface pressing in well. Keep out of sun and do not allow temperature to rise above 60 to 65F.

P:  Easily germinated if seed tray with compost is then covered with several sheets of newspaper fitting inside the tray. Spread seed evenly and cover again with several sheets of paper. Water and keep constantly moist.

Q:  Germination can be erratic and needs a temperature of 80F and constant moisture by placing i a poly bag.