Thlaspi Arvensis Penny Cress Green Dragon

With tiny apple green disc shaped seeds on long, strong multi-branching stems, Penny Cress is one of the best bouquet fillers we’ve seen in a long while. A real ‘must have’ for mixed bouquets and winter wreathes which can be used either fresh or dried. 36-40”. HHA.

How to grow Penny Cress from seed

Direct sow the seeds in the Autumn to bloom and make seed heads in the late Spring. The seeds that germinate in the Autumn will produce a rosette of leaves up to 6” across and will overwinter resuming their growth in the spring.

If sown in the Spring, the seeds will germinate during the Spring-Summer but these will probably not form a rosette and produce only stems that will bloom and have the distinctive highly decorative seed pods. Note: Can be invasive but easily controlled by hand pulling unwanted seedlings.


Item Code: 2273B

Variety: Green Dragon

Type: Half Hardy Annual

Packet Contains: 100 Seeds

Sow: January - December

Germination: Up to 21 days

Harvest: May - August

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Cat no: 1779A

200 seeds in packet

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