Larkspur Smokey Eyes

Delphinium consolidaLatin name

LarkspurCommon name

Unusual, silvery-white double blooms with a lavender centre and a subtle lavender blush. 3-4'. HHA

How to Grow Delphinium or Larkspur

Delphinium, or Larkspur, shoots are a delicacy for slugs. Delphiniums break through the ground in March and without prevention slugs will devour every one of them.

Larkspur is a truly astounding cut flower, especially so once you know how the professionals keeping them looking wonderful in a vase for as long as possible. Delphiniums have hollow stems, carefully fill them hollow stem with water and place your thumb over the open end as you lower the stem into a filled vase. Once the open end of the stem is under water you can remove your thumb and the stem will remain water-filled, looking fresh for at least a week.

The hollow necks of Delphiniums are vulnerable in heavy rain or high winds. Provide support from growing rings, growing cages or canes to help prevent damage.

Delphiniums can be sown in Autumn for over wintering or in early Spring or Summer. Sow Larkspur seed onto the surface of an open seed sowing compost. Cover the seeds with a layer of vermiculite, and cover trays with polythene to maintain humidity until the first seedlings are visible. Germination normally takes around 14 days at 15-18oC. In the summer when temperatures are higher than this find a position as cool and shaded as possible for the seed tray.

Once the seedlings are large enough to handle transplant into individual 3 inch pots and grow on spring sown seedlings at 10-15oC, or as cool as possible for summer sowings.

Autumn sown seed should be kept in pots for over-wintering Once the plant goes into winter dormancy keep dry and frost free in a garage, greenhouse or a porch over winter then when green shoots appear in Spring water the plant and keep it in a well lit, frost free area ready for planting out in May.

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Item Code: 1439A

Variety: Smokey Eyes

Type: Hardy Annual

Packet Contains: 100 Seeds

Sow: January - April, August, September

Germination: Up to 14 days

Harvest: May - July

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