Achillea Flowerburst Red

Achillea millefoliumLatin name

Yarrow, MilfoilCommon name

Achillea, or Yarrow, are among the easiest and most versatile of all perennials to grow. Their colourful umbels bloom over a long period, tolerate drought, and can be cut for fresh or dried bouquets. Bees and butterflies love them too. Fragrant and reliable, Achillea Flowerburst Red is a vibrant, eye-catching mixture of cerise, red, crimson and dark rose with a dash of pastels for good measure. Flowering in the first year these sumptuous colours should not be missed. Achillea adds a warm, welcoming splash of colour in the garden over a long period.

How to Grow Achillea from Seed

Achillea, or Yarrow, is a hardy perennial with showy flower heads excellent for cutting or drying. Their fern-like leaves are often aromatic. Yarrows are versatile, easy to care for and good for borders, rock gardens, or wildflower meadows

For best results Achillea should be sown in late summer or autumn for over wintering, but can be sown in late winter or very early spring too.

Achillea needs light to germinate, sow the fine seed onto the surface of a moist, free draining compost into plugs or trays. Cover the seeds with a very fine layer of vermiculite, and cover trays with polythene to retain moisture until the first seedlings appear. Germination takes around 7 days at 15 to 20C.

As soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle transplant into 3 inch pots and grow on until they are ready to be potted up again. Use all of the seedlings as some of the best flower colours are seen from the palest looking young plants.

Yarrow plants should be well enough established to survive overwintering under cover but unheated. Foliage dies off over the winter, then recommences in Spring. Keep good air movement around the plants.

Plant out in Spring, spaced 18 inches apart, once all danger of frost has passed.

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Item Code: 1016A

Variety: Flowerburst Red Mix

Type: Hardy Perennial

Packet Contains: 50 Seeds

Sow: January - May

Germination: Up to 7 days

Harvest: May - October

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