Eustoma Rosanne Black Pearl F1

Eustoma grandiflorumLatin name

Prairie GentianCommon name

If you are looking for the WOW factor then look no further. One of the darkest purple Eustoma we know with outstanding aubergine ruffled flowers. Choice and rarely available. Grab the chance to grow one of the most captivating varieties we’ve ever seen. We only have limited stock and we don’t think it will be available for long. 24-32". HA.

How to Grow Eustoma from Seed

Eustoma, Lisianthus or Prairie Gentian is a perennial but normally grown as an annual in the garden.

Eustoma, Lisianthus can be grown from seed, but is not a plant for beginners or impatient gardeners, the plants take a long time to mature into blooming-sized plants unless cultivated under strictly maintained greenhouse conditions.

Lisianthus cannot tolerate a very acidic soil pH which results in yellowing of the leaves and decreased vigour; add limestone to increase the alkalinity. Keep Eustoma plants moist, but avoid overwatering. Support rings and growing cages will give additional support to the elegant, but often flimsy stems of some Prairie Gentain varieties.

Sow Eustoma seeds from February to April in a greenhouse or propagator at 70-75F. Germination normally takes 10-20 days.

When large enough to handle transplant the seedlings into individual 3 inch pots then pot on again into 7 inch pots once they have grown to around 12 inches tall.

Eustoma prefers a full sun position.

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Item Code: 1532A

Variety: Rosanne Black Pearl F1

Type: Half Hardy Perennial

Packet Contains: 15 Seeds

Sow: February - May

Germination: Up to 21 days

Harvest: July - September

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