A cross between cutting celery and curled-leaf parsley but with all the flavour of traditional Celery. Bred for its leaves and very easy to grow Par-cel is perfect for soups, stews and ideal for salads and drying too.

How to Grow Parsley from Seed

Parsley is one of the most popular and versatile herbs used in the UK. today. There are two main types, flat-leaf or Italian parsley which resembles coriander and has a milder flavour and curled-leaf parsley, which is most often used as a garnish and can be chopped easily. Parsley does well in containers and looks good too. Keep the pots in a sunny spot, feed the plants regularly and keep well watered, parsley needs plenty of moisture.

Parsley can take a few weeks to germinate and needs quite high temperatures to do so. Sow Parsley seeds in March 4-5 seeds per pot, then thin the seedlings to 1 per pot after germination, selecting the strongest seedlings to grow on.

Harden off the plants for a couple of weeks before planting out into fairly rich, well mulched, weed free soil.