Zinnia Starburst Rose

Zinnia marylandicaLatin name

Zinnia Common name

An All American Selection 2010 Winner. The very first Zinnia with rose and white bicolour blooms on disease resistant plants with 2" flowers and a branching habit. This Zinnia is resistant to leaf spot and mildew - the bane of all Zinnias. Outstanding! 

How to Grow Zinnia from Seed

Zinnias like plenty of sunshine and are more common in climates warmer than we normally experience in the UK, they will not tolerate cold so it is better to plant out late rather than too early - or grow in a poly-tunnel if the summer temperatures in your region are on the low side - but if you’re looking for a late-summer bedding or container plants, with a brilliant range of colours, then Zinnia provides a fabulously vibrant option.

Zinnias grow quickly – seed sown in early April can be flowering by June, but they do resent root disturbance so either sow directly into a 9cm pot, or into large-celled plug trays or coir modules, potting on a soon as the roots hold the compost together to minimize root handling. Don’t let them get pot bound.

Sow the seeds onto the surface of a free-draining compost and cover with vermiculite. Maintain humidity by covering the pots or trays with clear or translucent polythene until the first seedlings are visible. Do not over-water the young seedlings. Germination takes around 5-14 days at 18-20oC.

Grow on in as bright a position as possible feeding weekly with a moderate strength liquid feed. Space plants 12 to 18 inches apart and provide support either individually or by allowing them to grow through a frame.

Zinnias are particularly prone to damping off. In a cool, damp year, with high  humidity, they can suffer with mould and rot.

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Item Code: 2369

Variety: Zinnia Starburst Rose

Type: Half Hardy Annual

Packet Contains: 25 Seeds

Sow: March - May

Germination: Up to 14 days

Harvest: June - September

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