Cosmos Cupcakes Blush

This beautiful Cosmos has goblet-like pale pink flowers with fused petals and yellow stamens making an appealing cut flower for both the border and flower arrangements. 40". HHA.

How to Grow Cosmos from Seed

Cosmos, sometimes known as the Mexican aster, is perennial in its native home but it’s not hardy enough for our cooler climate and so in Britain it is grown as an annual. Cosmos is easy to grow from seed, performs well in containers or bedding schemes and comes in a dazzling array of colours, heights and flower types making it a firm favourite of both amateur and professional gardeners.

Drift or group planting produces an especially spectacular display and allows the plants to support one another too. Taller varieties do benefit from a little support, try growing Cosmos between perennials, alternatively growing cages or canes are ideal.

Sow Cosmos seed in trays or growing cells during early spring and cover with about 5mm of compost. The seeds are long and thin, so they can be easily handled.

Keep the compost moist without over-wetting and position seed tray in a warm and well lit position, such as a greenhouse or warm windowsill. Germination normally takes 14 – 21 days at 15 – 20C

When the seedlings are about 4 inches tall pot them on into individual 3 inch pots to grow on until the risk of frost has past, then harden off before planting out in your garden. Plant Cosmos in full sun and water well, then add a mulch to help conserve moisture.

Stake and tie Cosmos plants if necessary during the growing season, water regularly and dead-head to prolong the flowering season.


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Type: Half Hardy Annual

Packet Contains: 30 Seeds

Sow: February - May

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