Papaver Cherry Glow

Intense cherry red annual, absolutely perfect for adding quick and easy colour to the border plus when the eye-catching petals fall away, decorative seed heads are revealed and are wonderful for drying.

How to Grow Poppies from Seed

Loved both for their flowers and their seeds Poppies come from a range of families including Meconopsis, Papavear, Stylomecon and Eschscholzia; the best know of these, Meconopsis, includes the Himalayan Blue Poppy and Welsh Poppy, while the Papavear family includes the Iceland poppy and Oriental Poppy.

There are both annual and perennial poppy types. Annual poppies include the Icelandic, Californian and Flanders poppies while perennial poppies include the showy Oriental types and the stunning Himalayan blue poppy.

With so many different varieties of Poppy available it is easy to see why these colourful plants are so popular. In general poppies can be grown from seed, and will flourish in pots or containers as well as naturalized into the garden.

Poppy seeds do not need to be deeply planted, most varieties need light to germinate so a lightly cover at best is all that is required.

Sow poppy seeds during early autumn or early spring, when germination may take place in 14 to 30 days at 70F, however the seeds will germinate erratically and should be pricked out as they become large enough to handle, individually into 3 inch pots or as groups in 5 inch pots. Poppy plants do not transplant particularly well they are very sensitive root disturbance so be very careful when potting on or use coir cells which can be planted into the final position without disturbing the roots.

Grow on until the pots are full of roots and plant into the garden or patio after the last frost. Poppies need spacing at about 12-14 inches.

Most poppies prefer sun but will tolerate semi shade.

Take care when watering poppies to avoid washing away seeds or any new shoots. Misting with a spray bottle or using a drip system is favourable.


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