Geranium Psilostemon

Geranium psilostemonLatin name

Geranium Common name

With bright magneta black eyed flowers and deeply divided green foliage which turns a fiery red in the Autumn, this hardy Geranium is the perfect choice for a cottage garden or herbaceous border and is the winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit.

The bright magenta black-eyed flowers of Geranium psilostemon liven up the garden, filling the gap between the last of the spring bulbs and the first of the roses. Although the flowering season is fairly short, in midsummer, this species has superb deeply divided foliage which makes a good foil for later summer flowers. In autumn the leaves turn fiery red and team well with autumnal fruits or berries. It’s the perfect choice for a cottage garden or herbaceous border. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it its prestigious Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

How to Grow Geraniums or Pelargonium

Geraniums, or Pelargoniums, have been an essential component in landscape planting schemes and container gardening for years. These low-maintenance, high-performing, good-looking plants are mostly tender evergreens used as bedding or houseplants.

Although Pelargoniums are often called Geraniums, this is not correct, as the true Geraniums are hardy herbaceous plants. Pelargoniums are not hardy.

Geranium seed should be planted from January to April, ideally into plug trays to prevent root disturbance later. Germination is often rapid, from as little as 4 days at 21-23oC, when sown onto an open seed-sowing compost and covered lightly with vermiculite, but can take up to 28 days.

Light is not necessary for germination. Do not allow the germinating seedlings to dry out.

Once 4 to 6 true leaves have developed, transplant the seedlings into 3 inch pots and grow on in a frost free position until ready for planting out in May.

Pelargoniums prefer semi-shade and the cooler sun of the evening.


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Type: Hardy Perennial

Packet Contains: 8 Seeds

Sow: January - April, October

Germination: Up to 30 days

Harvest: May, June

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