Streptocarpus Sadie

Cape Primroses or strictly speaking Streptocarpus, are amongst the most rewarding of plants requiring no more than common sense attention.   They flower from May well into the winter and quite often right through into the new year too.   They can be used as cut flowers as well as pot plants and their colour range spans most of the spectrum.

We've teamed up with the National Collection Holder once again to offer the finest reliable collection money can buy.   Strong, healthy ready to pot plants will be delivered from late March onwards by the grower.

Gorgeous shell pink flowers with short red lines in the throat which at a distance look soft peach in appearance.


1 jumbo plug plant.  Delivery from: Late March - October.



How to Grow Streptocarpus

After unpacking your plants, stand the Jiffy Pots in a shallow saucer of water for about 1 hour. The next day, pot on into a 3" pot with loose gritty compost and stand in a light place but not in direct sunlight. Keep just moist in a bright place. (Feed if necessary once a month with Tomato food).


Item Code: 8521

Variety: SADIE

Packet Contains: 1

Bulbs and plants are shipped to arrive at the appropriate time of year for planting


This item will be shipped from: 31st March 2021