Coreopsis Incredible Swirl

Coreopsis grandifloraLatin name

TickseedCommon name

A recent Fleuroselect Novelty Winner with unique white flowers and an attractive burgundy eye.   The tall bushy plants look absolutely stunning when planted en masse.  4’  HHA

How to Grow Coreopsis from Seed

When it comes to an all out show of colour Coreopsis is hard to beat. This hardy, clump forming, sun loving perennial begins flowering in late spring and will continue through most of the summer.

Butterflies adore drought tolerant Coreopsis. It is also a beautiful cut flower. Cutting the blooms encourages the plant to develop even more flowers, as does dead-heading, although garden birds will appreciate a few seed heads being allowed to develop at the end of the season.

Sow Coreopsis seed in early Spring, or in Autumn for over wintering. Fill pots or trays with a moist, well draining seed compost. Scatter the seed across the surface and press lightly into the soil. Do not cover Coreopsis seed as it needs light to germinate. Keep moist. Seed will germinate in 20 to 25 days at 70 – 75F

When seedlings have developed their first pair of true leaves and are large enough to handle, transplant into individual 3 inch pots.

For autumn sown seedlings, pot on again when required and grow on in a cool greenhouse or sheltered part of the garden. Plant outside into their permanent positions in the spring after all risk of frost has passed spaced around 15 inches, 38cm apart in a sunny position on light well drained soil.


Item Code: 1348E


Type: Half Hardy Annual

Packet Contains: 500 Seeds

Sow: January - April, September - December

Germination: Up to 30 days

Harvest: July - September

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