Tweedia Caerulea Heavenly Blue

Tweedia caeruleaLatin name

Beautiful climbing and twining plant from South America which has the ability to flower in less than 6 months with the most heavenly clear blue flowers imaginable. Stems are long enough to cut too. Climber. HHP.

How to Grow Tweedia from Seed

Sow seed in Feb-Apr indoors onto moist well drained compost covering the seed with a sprinkling of fine compost. Germinate at a temperature of 72F which usually takes 7-14 days however the seed can be erratic and may take up to 3 months so do be patient. Plant out the seedlings after any danger of frost has passed. A well drained position in full or partial sun is preferred remembering to pinch out the plants to encourage a more bushy habit.


Item Code: 2297

Variety: Heavenly Blue

Type: Hardy Perennial

Packet Contains: 30 Seeds

Sow: February - April

Germination: Up to 180 days

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