Agastache Sunset Yellow

Agastache aurantiacaLatin name

Mexican HyssopCommon name

There are several Agastache but nearly all centred around the orange red colour. This is a change - Sunset Yellow. A cheerful plant to brighten up beds, borders or containers with fragrant foliage and masses of long lasting, soft yellow, hooded flowers that never fail to please. The dwarf, bushy plants are drought-tolerant, loved by bees and butterflies and fabulous for cutting. Sown early it will flower in the first year, this half hardy perennial can be grown as an annual. Easy to grow.

How to Grow Agastache from Seed

Agastaches are loved by bees and butterflies, their versatile blooms last well as cut flowers too. A relative of the mint family Agastache flowers are high in oils and their foliage is both attractive and aromatic. Agastache is well suited to a cottage garden setting, but it can fit in nicely in any border.

Agastache is an undemanding perennial, preferring sun but tolerating light shade.

Agastache seeds can be sown indoors in late winter or early spring for a transplanting outdoors in May once the danger of frost has passed. Sow in trays using a free-draining compost, g