Aubergine Little Fingers

Slender and petite, dark purple skin is not only thin but tender. Flesh has a silky texture with few seeds and mildly sweet flavour needing very little cooking time. Harvest when young at 3-6” tall.

This compact variety is ideal for growing in a container on a sunny patio. Height and spread: 60cm (24 inches) 80-90 days from transplanting.

How to Grow Aubergine from Seed

Aubergine, or Egg Plant, is related to tomatoes and peppers and is grown in much the same way. Although aubergines can be grown outside in the UK, they rarely do well except in very mild areas or during very good summers, they are better grown in a greenhouse supported where necessary with vertical strings or canes.

The keys to success are sunlight and warmth. Grow them in a sunny position, ideally against a warm, sheltered wall. Stake and tie in the plants as they grow and remove the tip from the main stem once the plants reach 30cm or 12in tall.

Aubergine seeds can be sown from January to March, for planting up from April onwards. Cropping starts around five months after sowing.

Sow the seed into compost either into a seed tray or into modules with a temperature between 20-24oC and cover with a light layer of compost. Germination typically takes 14- 21 days. Cover the compost with clear plastic film which helps raise the temperature aiding germination.

Once seedlings emerge they do not require quite as much heat, temperatures can be reduced to 18oC by day and no lower than 16oC at night.

It is best to re-pot in stages before their final pot size. Once in final pot size plants may need staking for support. Water regularly but be careful not to over water, surface of compost can be allowed to dry out slightly between watering.

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Item Code: 0106C

Variety: Little Fingers

Type: Vegetable

Packet Contains: 30 Seeds

Sow: January - April

Germination: Up to 21 days

Harvest: July - October

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